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Peggy Yeung

portrait of Peggy Yeung
Peggy Yeung, MSHN Graduate

Congratulations to Peggy Yeung for earning Summa Cum Laude upon completing the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Banking and International Finance from The City University in London, U.K. Peggy worked for major U.S. investment banks for almost twenty years in various locations including Hong Kong and Singapore during the initial part of her career. She wanted more time to spend with her three children and family and researched a new career to expand her passion for wellness and entered Hawthorn. At Hawthorn, she experienced an amazing journey and discovered how dietary choices have a profound influence on health. Peggy is a strong believer in the saying that “food is information and it has the power to change who we are as a person”. Peggy is currently working as a lifestyle coach focusing on nutrition and holistic health. She is passionate about educating people on diet and lifestyle changes and often filled with joy when she sees her clients get well, become more energetic, or just feel a sense of well-being. Her thesis is entitled The Roles of Essential Fatty Acids in Preventing or Slowing Down Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. Continue the good work, Peggy!