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Paul Thiele

portrait of Paul Thiele
Paul Thiele, NC Graduate

Congratulations to Paul Thiele for graduating from the Nutrition Consultant certificate program with the Magna Cum Laude designation. Paul has had a deep and genuine interest in nutrition and health for years. His interest began with his love of sports and physical performance and his fascination with the human body and how, by paying attention to nutrition, a desired result could be achieved. When Paul contracted Lyme disease that eventually turned chronic, he was faced with many decisions and challenges. He went through a course of antibiotics that failed to eradicate his Lyme disease and his condition got worse. At this point, he took matters and his health into his own hands. Being a believer in alternative therapies, Paul was confident that he could improve, if not overcome his chronic Lyme disease. Paul’s experience with Lyme disease forced him to spend countless hours researching and studying nutrition and alternative therapies and led him to Hawthorn University. He is confident that his degree from Hawthorn University will help him to inform others how to achieve optimal health. Today, Paul lives a very full life with no boundaries. Lyme disease may have sidelined him momentarily, but through discipline, consistency, and dedication he is back in the game of life and living it his way. His greatest desire is to help others who are challenged by disease or have obstacles to overcome in their fight for health. Best of luck and continued good health to you, Paul!