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Leslie Evarts

portrait of Leslie Evarts
Leslie Evarts, WTNC Graduate

Congratulations to Leslie Evarts for graduating from the Wise Traditions Nutrition certificate program with the Summa cum Laude designation. Leslie also earned a bachelor’s degree from the Community College of Southern Nevada. Through personal experiences, she became passionate about learning more about health and the importance of making the right food choices. She wholeheartedly believes that food is medicine and that our bodies are designed to heal themselves with the proper nourishment and care. Leslie entered Hawthorn to learn materials that align with the research of Weston A. Price. She wants to inspire others, to transform lives, and to help people achieve optimal health. Leslie writes, “I believe we are all here to support each other and I can’t wait to pay it forward by being a guide for someone in the health arena.” Best of luck to you, Leslie!