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Lane Gallagher

portrait of Lane Gallagher
Lane Gallagher, MHNE Graduate

Congratulations to Lane Gallagher for graduating Cum Laude from the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education program. Lane also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from Colorado State University. A deep interest in how our environment influences our health and well-being led Lane to focus on the Blue Zones Project. A former senior manager with Nestle Foods in CA and CO, Lane recently led a direct sales and marketing efforts for the introduction of Pre-Diabetes Centers of Fort Worth. As a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer who also is a nutrition, wellness, and weight management consultant, Lane has taught countless nutrition classes at schools and churches throughout Fort Worth and has served on the advisory board to FitWorth, Mayor Price’s Healthy City Initiative. Her thesis is entitled Blue Zones Project – Sector Sustainability Plan. Keep up the good work, Lane!