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Donna Carson-Jelley

portrait of Donna Carson-Jelley
Donna Carson-Jelley, NC Graduate

Donna Carson-Jelley is to be congratulated for graduating Summa Cum Laude from the Nutrition Consultant certificate program. Donna also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from UMASS Dartmouth, a master’s of science in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a certification in program management for the federal government. Having been a U.S. federal government executive for more than thirty years, Donna knows first-hand the challenges of work-life balance and the effect of stress on body weight and health. Throughout her life she has been attracted to health and fitness, motivating others to exercise when she was an aerobic instructor and personal trainer. Donna provided fitness classes and programs for U.S. Navy sailors and employees in addition to leading group fitness classes for commercial businesses. Her personal remedy for stress management was her daily morning five mile run where she watched the sun rise before starting her busy workday. As she has grown older, her exercise routine has morphed to meet her body’s needs, focusing more on the outdoors and the peace and serenity of nature. She knows first-hand how sedentary lifestyles that occur in an office setting, stress from constant work demands, and deadlines and unhealthy eating habits make people overweight and sick. Employing her education from Hawthorn University has improved her health in so many ways and she is inspired to help others do the same. Keep up the great work, Donna!