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Dennis Petrick

portrait of Dennis Petrick
Dennis Petrick, MSTN Graduate, and his wife Suzanne

Congratulations to Dennis Petrick for graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Master of Science in Traditional Nutrition program. Dennis also holds a Bachelor of Science in Technology from Kent State University and a Master of Business Administration from Mount St. Mary’s University. He chose Hawthorn University because of his interest and commitment to learning and teaching holistic traditional nutrition and personal wellness.  Dennis enjoys feeding nutritious meals, made with organic whole foods, to family, friends and faith community. He recently retired from the United States government as a financial analyst.  Dennis is the proud owner of the brand-new Mali Otok Organics, an edible lawn / permaculture design landscaping business.  He is a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Slow Food International and joined Hawthorn to study in the MSTN program, which combines holistic nutrition and the principles of WAPF. Best of luck moving forward, Dennis!