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Brighid James

Congratulations to Brighid James for graduating Cum Laude from the Nutrition Consultant certificate program. Brighid’s goal is to help people heal their bodies through connecting to themselves, their communities and their environment. Her health coaching work focuses on encouraging people how to find health and balance through whole-foods nutrition, traditional herbs and conscious lifestyle. She offers one on one coaching sessions for personal discovery, vibrant health and nutritional therapy, and group educational programs around sustainable eating, locally produced food and environmental supportive lifestyle. Brighid’s clinical experience centers around autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, gut health, immune system support, detoxification, adrenal fatigue, hormone balance, mental health support and childhood development. Her educational work focuses on building healthy communities by connecting children, youth and adults to the earth through local, sustainably grown food. Coming to holistic nutrition through her own journey of healing adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance and disordered eating habits, Brighid recognizes that everybody is unique and that a healthy lifestyle will look different for each person. Pulling from a deep love of nature and building upon her passion for ecologically regenerative farming, she uses a whole-body approach to discovering health and balance. Because health is more than what we eat and drink, Brighid’s practice makes room for art and nature therapies, body-positive movement, mind and spirit work, intuitive eating and herbal medicines. Keep up the good work, Brighid!