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About Hawthorn University

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Ongoing development of new holistic programs help us to maintain a current and industry-relevant science-based curriculum

Get Focused Holistic Nutrition Education at Your Fingertips in Your Preferred Learning Environment

If you aspire to learn more about holistic nutrition, whether for personal or professional reasons, then you’ve come to the right place. Hawthorn University is a not-for-profit online institution devoted to holistic health and nutrition education. We believe that education should be within reach for all people – including you! That’s why we strive to keep tuition prices low and affordable with the pay-as-you-go policy, minimizing your student debt.

Guided independent study, professional development, and personal health are core to Hawthorn University’s mission. You’ll be provided with nutritional tools that can be applied to your everyday life (to increase vitality, energy, and wellbeing) while developing written concepts and oral presentations that can serve in expanding your nutrition career. We wholeheartedly encourage you to actively participate in your studies, share your information and experiences with others, and network with other holistic nutrition professionals as you work towards attaining your goals.

How Hawthorn University Will Benefit You

With Hawthorn University, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Earn a certificate or degree in holistic health and nutrition education at your convenience
  • Explore the current scientific discoveries and advances in the field of holistic nutrition
  • Claim your place as a speaker, leader, or advocate for health
  • Be part of a nurturing, supportive, and focused community of learners
  • Earn your degree or certificate online, from anywhere, at any time
  • Study with experienced and credentialed professors
  • Fulfill your passion and embark on a career in the field of holistic nutrition

Convenient Online & Community-Oriented Learning

When taking courses at Hawthorn University, you’ll get the convenience of online learning with the community-centric feel of a classroom. You can connect with faculty and other students via the online portal, in forums, and during conference calls. Responsive staff and reflective, credentialed instructors help you to evolve, connect, and attain your goals, customizing their instruction to your interests and knowledge-base. Be inspired by our bi-monthly webinars that feature holistic nutrition experts. You’ll also have access to archived events and lectures, which are part of the extensive library of learning materials you can refer to.

Flexible Completion Rates

You’ll find that the online learning model is inherently more flexible than traditional classroom learning. First, you can study from anywhere that has an internet connection – including another country. You can work through the course material at your own pace. The completion rate deadlines are also flexible; we encourage students to finish the course allotted timeframe, however, some students take more time and finish at 150%. We also recognize that “life” happens, so in special cases, you may request a leave of absence. On the other hand, some students prefer to blaze through the program taking multiple classes at once and finishing early. Ultimately, you determine your pace of study.

Mission Statement

Hawthorn University is dedicated to providing supportive, comprehensive, and professional education in the fields of holistic health, nutrition, and the health sciences through the utilization of distance education methods. Hawthorn offers online certificates, graduate and postgraduate degrees, and continuing education programs to a diverse community of adult learners working to enhance health and wellness around the world.

Click here to learn more about Hawthorn University’s goals and objectives.

Hawthorn’s Superb Reputation Will Look Good on Your Resume

Our educational programs have been reviewed and approved as meeting the National Association of Nutritional Professional‘s (NANP) educational standards. Graduates of the DSC, MSHN, MHNE and NC programs are eligible to sit for the board certification exam in holistic nutrition from the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB).

The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC) has credited our programs with distinction. The Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition and the Doctorate of Science in Holistic Nutrition programs are approved at the Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) designation and the Masters of Science in Health and Nutrition Education and the Nutrition Consultant programs at the Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner (RNCP) level. Visit for more information.