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AAA: Holistic Health and Fitness – Evolving Your Niche of Whole Health in a Red State with Megan Fisher, MS (MSHN Graduate 2013)

Learn how an accomplished graduate and military wife evolved her holistic health business for each state she relocated to, including the “red states”.

Hawthorn University All About Alumni Graduate Webinar Series welcomes graduate Megan Fisher, MS (MSHN 2013) for her presentation of Holistic Health and Fitness: Evolving Your Niche of Whole Health in a Red State.

Megan Fisher, Founder of Horizon Holistic Health is here to share how she has overcome several obstacles of having a career in holistic health while being a military wife and living in red states. She will share how her business had to evolve for each state they moved to. Megan Fisher, MS is a Holistic health educator with a degree in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University. In 2013 Megan created Horizon Holistic Health, an online business in holistic health and fitness. Megan’s program educates women over the course of 12 weeks how to establish healthy eating patterns. The program is designed for women who may have eating disorders or simply want to learn how to incorporate holistic health and fitness into their life. Megan also has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, she is a certified personal trainer, certified holistic health coach, MOSSA Power instructor and teaches group fitness classes.

Megan is a military wife facing the challenges of moving and deployments. She has learned holistic nutrition can be practiced in red states, it just takes time and the understanding of how you can educate others. In addition, she has a 2-year-old daughter, 1 dog and 2 cats.