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Fastercise: Using Natural High-intensity Exercise to Control Appetite and Direct the Body to Consume Stored Body Fat with Dr. Denis Wilson & Allison Roberts

Many people have difficulty getting lean no matter what they try. The human body is the world’s most efficient fitness machine but we aren’t taking full advantage of its built-in functions. We can store up excess energy from food in the form of glycogen, muscle, and body fat for later use. This stored energy can power our bodies, or we can get our energy directly from food. Diet is how we supply our bodies with energy and exercise is how we use it. Appetite is a key signal that links diet and exercise. In this presentation, Dr. Denis Wilson (author of The Power of Fastercise) will explain how natural exercises can be used to direct the body to consume stored body fat for energy and cancel appetite for a time. Allison Roberts will share her experience as the first Fasterciser and demonstrate the tightening and shivering exercises, as well as tips for training others how to Fastercise.

Hawthorn University Holistic Health and Nutrition Webinar Series welcomes Dr. Denis Wilson and Allison Roberts for their presentation Fastercise – Using Natural High-intensity Exercise to Control Appetite and Direct the Body to Consume Stored Body Fat.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

• Learn the correlation between metabolic rate and body temperature;
• Learn the population trends of decreasing body temperature and increasing obesity;
• Learn of three approaches to improving low body temperatures;
• Learn how the body uses physical activity to access body energy stores to survive;
• Learn two survival strategies: Storage and Forage;
• Learn to control appetite with the body’s instinctive exercises of tightening and shivering;
• Learn tightening and shivering exercises;
• Learn typical daily Fastercise schedule.

About Dr. Denis Wilson:
For nearly 30 years Dr. Wilson has focused on the optimization of thyroid function, body temperature, and metabolism. Working with more than 5,000 patients, he identified Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome and developed a new simplified paradigm for thyroid management and was the first doctor to use sustained-release liothyronine. He’s trained over 3,000 physicians on his novel treatment of using sustained-release T3 for patients with symptoms of low body temperature despite having normal thyroid blood tests. His work is being taught in naturopathic medical schools. Dr. Wilson is the author of 4 books, including the extensively referenced The Power of Fastercise, an in-depth review of the physiology and hormones of diet, exercise, and metabolism. He is also the co-founder of Restorative Formulations, an herbal supplement company that focuses on restoring health with certified organic formulas.

About Allison Roberts:
Allison Roberts is the cofounder of Fastercise and daughter of Dr. Denis Wilson. She has a business degree and work experience in finance, operations, and data management. She was the first Fasterciser and worked with Dr. Wilson to create the Fastercise training program and app. She is also a mother, athlete and health and life coach.

Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.