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Alzheimer’s Disease: the Silent Plague – A 21st Century Precision Medicine Approach with Dr. Mary Kay Ross, MD, FACEP

Alzheimer’s Disease has become an immense topic as of late, as more and more individuals are affected by it, whether directly or indirectly with a loved one. Dr. Mary Kay Ross, MD, FACEP joins us to discuss the current status of Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S., along with the stigma and misconceptions associated with the treatment, as well as causes and outcomes available today. Dr. Ross will review the known causes (or drivers) of the disease and the lifestyle changes necessary to help stop its progression.

Please join us as we welcome Dr. Mary Kay Ross, MD, FACEP for Alzheimer’s Disease: the Silent Plague – A 21st Century Precision Medicine Approach.

Dr. Ross will discuss how to evaluate a client with cognitive decline, as well as the labs and necessary workup for the proper evaluation and assessment. She will also discuss how to design a program for a client and will conclude with case studies and outcomes.

At the conclusion of the lecture, attendees should be able to recognize a client with cognitive problems, assess the client correctly and be able to determine the drivers of the disease. Participants should be able to initiate the appropriate workup and prepare a reasonable functional program for all clients with cognitive decline. Finally, she will discuss future potential treatments and adjuncts to assist with ongoing treatment.

Dr. Mary Kay Ross obtained her medical education at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and completed her residency training in emergency medicine in 2000 at Wright State where she served as chief resident.

Following graduation Dr. Ross worked as an attending physician in trauma centers in both Virginia and Georgia. She has held faculty positions at both Eastern Virginia Medical School and Mercer University teaching residents and medical students.

In 2012, Dr. Ross found herself on the other side of the medical system. She suffered a serious illness as a result of a very serious mold exposure. This experience would change her practice of medicine and her career forever. Dr. Ross founded The Institute for Personalized Medicine in Savannah, GA late in 2012 committed to treating her patients using Functional Medicine. Mary Kay Ross, MD, is also presently the Founder and CEO of the Brain Health & Research Institute (BH&RI) in Seattle, WA.

Today, Dr. Ross is actively engaged on enhancing a multimodal, precision medicine approach addressing all aspects of brain health.

Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.