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Neuroscience & Mind: Healing the Vagus Nerve with Sally Gray, ND

We are all interested in living more positive, stress-free lives. Yet how do we harness the potential benefits of stress and mitigate the negative, and how do we implement change to beneficially impact brain and nervous system function? Sally Gray, ND, is here to delve into one of the key disruptors of Vagus nerve function, which is mindset. We’ll explore the role of emotions and feelings on stress particularly in relation to the hormone cortisol and the neuroscience of neuroplasticity.

Please join us for Neuroscience & Mind: Healing the Vagus Nerve with Sally Gray, ND.

Sally Gray is a Naturopath (BSc), Nutritionist (Masters), Herbalist, Transpersonal Counselor, Master Life Coach, Success Principles Trainer, EFT & NLP Practitioner, Neuroscience Academy Graduate & self-confessed personal growth junkie with over 20 years clinical experience.

Sally empowers dedicated mums to become laser focused on the core foundations of vibrant, lasting holistic wellness & healing, beyond the distraction of supplements, nutrition & simple lifestyle intervention strategies. Sal’s “no stone left unturned” approach through her powerful educational programs & events leaves mums confident, calm & ON purpose, living with extreme peace even in the face of chaos & able to sit back & watch their children simply THRIVE & SHINE, living with robust physical & emotional resilience to go forward & tackle “life” on their terms!

Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.