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Botanical Antivirals (Part One) with David Crow, L.Ac.

Botanical antivirals are not necessarily rare species known only to herbalists. Some of the most potent compounds are found in common culinary herbs and spices. Knowing how to use these plants in your diet for protection against viral infections is only the beginning of utilizing their powers.

Hawthorn University welcomes back David Crow, L.Ac., who is presenting Part One of his two-part webinar series Botanical Antivirals.

As you’ll discover in this webinar, botanical antivirals can also be used in a variety of targeted and highly therapeutic ways to address both acute and chronic conditions caused by a variety of virus species.

The first half of this webinar presentation will cover The Fragrant Pharmacy — Antiviral Powers of Aromatic Herbs & Spices.

Learning Objectives:
• Scientific research that validates the healing effects of antiviral herbs within the human body;
• The difference between in-vitro and in-vivo research and what’s relevant and applicable in scientific studies on antiviral herbs;
• Antiviral herbs that should be used in your daily diet for both protection and treatment;
• The important antiviral compounds found in common herbs and spices;
• Traditional uses of specific herbs and the modern research confirming their antiviral powers;
• Key differences between botanical antivirals and antiviral drugs.

The last half of this presentation is Nourishing the Essence — Immune Boosting & Antiviral Powers of Adaptogens.

Adaptogenic herbs are gaining more and more recognition and popularity for their abilities to nourish, balance and strengthen the immune, nervous and endocrine systems, thereby increasing vitality and resistance to stress and toxins. These herbs also possess significant antiviral powers and are therefore of primary importance for not only boosting immunity against contagious viral infections, but also speeding recovery from acute infections and overcoming the weakening effects of chronic infections.

Learning Objectives:
• How adaptogens are used by medical herbalists to treat virus species such as herpes and Epstein Barr and viral conditions such as influenza and hepatitis;
• The antiviral activities and mechanisms of adaptogenic herbs against various viral species;
• Preparation methods, correct dosages and safe, effective combinations of adaptogens and other antiviral herbs;
• Major species of accessible medicinal mushrooms known for their antiviral effects;
• Scientific research studies confirming the powers of botanical antivirals herbs.

David will continue the subject of Botanical Antivirals in our next webinar.

David Crow is an acupuncturist and herbalist with over thirty years experience. He is the author of several books, including In Search of the Medicine Buddha, a book about his studies of Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine in the Himalayas. A well-known lecturer in the field of natural medicine, Mr. Crow’s work is largely focused on the synthesis of botanical medicine, ecology and spirituality. He is the founder of Floracopeia, a company that supports ecologically sustainable agriculture through the production of essential oils and aromatic treasures. For more information about David or Floracopeia visit his website:

Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.