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Calm in the Midst of a Storm: How to Center with Dr. Bianca Garilli, Dr. Liz Lipski and Host Paula Bartholomy

We hope you are all doing well and staying healthy in these uncertain times; we are here to lend support. Hawthorn University is sharing educational information and resources to help during Covid-19 as many may be struggling with how to implement the new guidelines for living safely, as well as our emotions. Please see our FaceBook page and our Blog for these resources and we encourage sharing them broadly.

Wanting to do more, we are joined by Dr. Liz Lipski, Dr. Bianca Garilli and host Paula Bartholomy to offer this Calm in the Midst of a Storm: How to Center webinar in order to provide our compassionate guidance to support optimal health for all of us.

As holistic health professionals and educators, we extend this opportunity to explore ways to calmly embrace lifestyle steps and natural/holistic options to optimize health that support our immune and respiratory systems, and especially our mental/emotional health during this challenging time in our world.

Please join us if you feel this is something that may benefit you, or any of your family, friends, colleges or clients, and feel free to pass along this information. Thank you for all you are doing to be safe and please, stay well!

Liz Lipski, PhD, CNS, FACN, BCHN, IFMCP, LDN holds a doctorate in Clinical Nutrition and is currently the Director of Academic Development for the Nutrition programs at Maryland University of Integrative Health. She’s the author of Digestive Wellness, now in new 5th edition, and the Founder of the Innovative Healing Academy.

Bianca Garilli, ND, IFMCP is a former US Marine turned Naturopathic Doctor and runs a private practice in Northern California. In addition to patient care, Dr. Garilli consults with natural and functional medicine organizations including Institute for Functional Medicine, Metagenics and Hawthorn on a variety of initiatives such as military/veteran healthcare, functional and naturopathic medicine education and medical affairs.

Paula Bartholomy, BCHN, MS has been actively engaged and working in the holistic health field since 1980 attending to body mind spirit with her training and accumulated skills in meditation, yoga, breath work, food preparation, lifestyle, counseling and education.

Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.