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An Introduction to the Safe Use of Essential Oils with David Crow, L.Ac.

Interest in essential oils is growing rapidly, but there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about how to use them safely and effectively. Knowing and following proper safety guidelines is critical, as incorrect usage can cause serious adverse reactions. Join us as we welcome David Crow, L.Ac., for An Introduction to the Safe Use of Essential Oils – Part One.

In this webinar David Crow will discuss various methods for incorporating essential oils safely for a wide range of uses, including:

•    Why plants produce essential oils, and why they are important for human health
•    Who should use essential oils, and who should not
•    What they best for, and what don’t they treat
•    Proper dilutions and methods of administration
•    Using aromatherapy during pregnancy and for children
•    Interactions with medications

David Crow is an acupuncturist and herbalist with over thirty years experience. He is the author of several books, including In Search of the Medicine Buddha, a book about his studies of Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine in the Himalayas. A well-known lecturer in the field of natural medicine, Mr. Crow’s work is largely focused on the synthesis of botanical medicine, ecology and spirituality. He is the founder of Floracopeia, a company that supports ecologically sustainable agriculture through the production of essential oils and aromatic treasures. For more information about David or Floracopeia visit their website: