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Transferability of Credits

Read about transferring to other institutions and Hawthorn University’s acceptance of transfer credits (from other institutions) below.

Transferring to Other Institutions

The transferability of credits you earn at Hawthorn University is at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer individual course credits. Acceptance of the certificate or degree you earn in the educational program is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer. If the credits, certificate, or degree that you earn at Hawthorn are not accepted at the institution to which you seek to transfer, you may be required to repeat some or all of the coursework at that institution. For this reason, you should make certain that your attendance at this institution will meet your educational goals. This may include contacting an institution to which you may seek to transfer after attending Hawthorn to determine if your credits, certificate, or degree will transfer.

Hawthorn’s Transfer Credit Acceptance Policy

Hawthorn has not entered into an articulation or transfer agreement with any other college or university and does not grant credit for prior experiential learning. However, any student interested in transferring credits from an accredited institution or an appropriately approved school may petition for transfer credits when an admission application is approved. Hawthorn University will review official transcripts to determine the eligibility of transfer credits, at the request of the potential student, for a flat fee of $100. Only earned grades of B or better corresponding to Hawthorn courses will be considered for transfer into any master’s level or doctoral program. Grades of C or better will be acceptable for transfer into the certificate program. Credits from non-U.S. institutions will require evaluation and certification from the Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) or from World Education Services (WES).

Hawthorn will transfer a maximum of:

  • Twelve (12) credits from four (4) of the first six (6) courses in the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program
  • Seven (7) credits for any of the first five (5) courses in the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education program
  • Nine (9) credits for the Doctor of Science in Holistic Nutrition program
  • Nine (9) credits for the foundation level courses in the Nutrition Consultant program
  • Three (3) credits for the Scientific Foundations of Holistic Nutrition
  • No credits transfer into the Holistic Health Certificate Certificate program
  • Credits will be transferred on a course-by-course basis as appropriate to Hawthorn’s curriculum. In some cases, the combining of two or more courses may be necessary to equal the content of ONE three (3) credit course at Hawthorn.

The applicant must submit:

  • A Transfer Evaluation Request form with fee
  • An official transcript
  • Course descriptions
  • Course syllabi if possible
  • Any other documentation such as homework assignments, resume including related experience, proof of attendance at a conference or seminar, certificates, etc. indicating competency in the subject area.

Upon receipt of all available documentation, Hawthorn will review and evaluate the transfer credit request. Students will be informed within ten (10) business days of the decision. All acceptable transfer credits will be recorded on the student’s transcript as TC. Transfer credits will not be counted in the student’s grade point average (GPA) but will apply to the total credits needed to graduate.

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