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Tom Maha

portrait of Tom Maha
Tom Maha, HH Graduate

Congratulations to Tom Maha for earning the Holistic Health certificate with the Magna cum Laude designation. Tom also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Sports and fitness have always been a part of his life. After meeting a Hawthorn student, he made the decision to learn more about nutrition and wellness and joined Hawthorn to enhance his learning in the field. He immersed himself in the topic of holistic nutrition and made some significant changes to his own diet and lifestyle. Tom’s goal is to continue to expand his knowledge of all things pertaining to wellness, not just nutrition so that he can help himself, his family, and others make sound choices. Tom currently blogs about nutrition and wellness for the supplement company PurePharma, and shares what he learned at Hawthorn. Best of luck to you, Tom!