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Kerrian White, NC Graduate 2020

It was not until attending Hawthorn University that I began the journey towards understanding how my ability to articulate a gift would be important to my future.

The faculty provided the perfect learning environment through distant learning. I was so impressed by the level of support and structure of online courses that it gave me incredible energy to fulfill my dreams. My experience studying at Hawthorn as a nutrition consultant was tremendous and soul searching. My instructor encouraged me to put out my best efforts and provided the needed challenge in each course which required being on time, respecting time and the support to succeed. I have learnt so much through reading materials and audio lectures offered for each course let alone webinars and conferences from the discussions of fundamental principles such as validity and fairness in nutrition as well as review questions and practical activities. The courses covered a wide range of topics that were detailed and carefully orchestrated for each and every student, so much so that it didn’t take much to remember because they were also discussed in conferences and became a ritual in every day discussions with practice clients who stayed with me for the entire journey for the most recent documented research. The online courses and structure of the program made it easy to manage as they were clear and coherent. I was able to work at my own pace within my given study guide while keeping contact with my instructor via telephone and Skype to answer questions of concern and helping to analyze the syllabus when necessary.

I encountered many struggles and failures which was not an easy journey as I was faced with many obstacles with very little moral support but my determination to fight kept me going and shaped me into the most awesome entrepreneur who will serve others. My instructor became like another back bone which led me to press on. For each course it felt like the end but what I bore in mind was that the depth of my struggles would be the height of my success.

My journey as a holistic nutrition consultant started as a child who admired and experimented with plants just for their uniqueness. Hawthorn University taught me how to use nature to save lives by utilizing herbs and scientifically researched supplements.

Before my encounter with the faculty I worked at a local mammography center which was a great experience although very stressful but I turned it into something unique by giving women the courage to have a healthier lifestyle by eating a plant-based diet to prevent many diseases. With that I became vigilant and alert at everything I did including being an office manager. I transferred that energy to studying at Hawthorn University which became a total mind and body transformation.

My fascination lies with the power of whole foods and their ability to maintain the gut microbiome and the lymphatic system. I currently specialize in the immune system and gut health, the lymphatic system, cancers, weight management and their root causes, diabetes, and neuropathy disorders.

I owe Hawthorn University so much that I know and am confident that other students who take their courses seriously will be rewarded and blessed in anything they do once they are driven to succeed. | submitted Sep 04, 2020

Kerrian White, NC Graduate 2020

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