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Yes! Hawthorn does everything possible to make sure you will succeed if you are a self-starter and responsible virtual student. Their courses are well put together, their professors are extremely accessible and friendly, they offer constant support in the form of webinars, helping us get accounts with labs and supplement companies, etc. I love how involved Dr. Ludwig is as well! I hand selected this program because I was sick of going to school for a piece of paper, cramming and memorizing only to dump the info after the exam. This degree makes sure you REALLY know what you are talking about. For people who are not good test takers, I love the “final conference” format with much less emphasis on exams. This ensures that you really read and understood the materials because you have to have an intelligent conversation with the professor about them. To me, this is so much more valuable than a multiple choice test to assess your understanding of an entire course worth of content…I have to take a leave of absence for personal reasons and the school has been so helpful and accommodating, I am very excited to be finishing my last handful of classes and graduating! It is also a major bonus that they have received national accreditation. I would highly recommend Hawthorn to anyone interested in delving into the fascinating world of holistic health and nutrition! | submitted Dec 15, 2020

Hannah Cherny, MSHN Student

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