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Tatiana Jankowski

portrait of Tatiana Jankowski
Tatiana Jankowski, NC Graduate

Congratulations to Tatiana Jankowski for graduating from the Nutrition Consultant program Summa Cum Laude. Tatiana is a pastry chef who specializes in making gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar free desserts. She has worked for renowned cookbook author and restaurateur Matthew Kenney, developing innovative gluten and dairy-free, raw dessert menus. Several of her recipes were published in his book “Plant-food”. Tatiana entered Hawthorn to learn how to nourish her body and maintain good health as well as help others manage disordered eating patterns, chronic stress, insomnia and mental health issues. She plans to work with clients and launch a healthy baking business where she can provide truly nourishing low carbohydrate and refined-sugar-free baked goods. She is an advocate for eating a whole foods diet, reducing stress in our everyday lives and continuously striving to do more of what makes us happy.  Best of luck, Tatiana!