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A portrait of faculty member Kirsten Laverdure

Kirsten Laverdure, Ph.D.

Department(s): Faculty

Kirsten Laverdure earned her Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Virginia, where she worked on breast cancer and how to make cancer cells more susceptible to standard agents using the body’s own pathways. Thus, her area of expertise is in cancer signal transduction and determining why cancer cells become resistant to treatment. Currently, she is a postdoctoral fellow at the UC San Diego-Moores Cancer Center working on colorectal cancer. Her research is focused on inflammatory-based cancers, in particular, due to nutritionally-based chronic diseases like IBD and Crohn’s Disease. Specifically, her interest is in the role of diet and nutrition in promoting inflammation in the colon to act as a pro-tumorigenic agent. She is also interested in the role that antioxidants play in preventing cancer cell death and the metabolic changes that a cancer cell undergoes to promote cell growth. She has lectured extensively and presented her findings in this area at national and international symposia and has authored peer-reviewed articles. She has taught courses in human nutrition and performance, nutritionally based diseases, and the global food crisis.