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Sapha Arias

portrait of Sapha Arias
Sapha Arias, NC Graduate

Congratulations to Sapha Arias for attaining the Summa Cum Laude designation at her graduation from the Nutrition Consultant certificate program. Sapha’s passion for hunger and knowledge led her to pursue a certification in yoga and meditation and she entered Hawthorn to pursue formal education. She specializes in a combination of holistic nutrition, yoga, and meditation. Her mission is to help people develop and harness the tools that can heal from the inside out by teaching techniques to create a life filled with health, joy, and purpose. Sapha’s nutritional approach is not geared toward crafting a single diet to serve all in equal measure, but rather to remember the unique individuality of each person and the importance of nourishing one’s body in a way that best suits each individual. Read more about Sapha on her website Best of luck, Sapha!