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Online Learning Requirements

An asian woman wearing a stripped shirt smiling and typing on her computer. Take online classes at Hawthorn.
The convenient online learning format allows you to fit school into your busy schedule

Fit Online Classes Into Your Lifestyle

You can become a remote learner and create a study schedule that works for you. Read on to find out about computer requirements.

Computer Hardware Requirements

Students must have access to a computer with the following configurations in order to benefit from and easily navigate Hawthorn University’s learning platform. A broadband connection is required. The computer should have a soundcard and speakers, webcam, and microphone. Students will need Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (click here for a free download) and a Skype account.

Additionally, Windows Users should have:
•    Windows 7 or higher;
•    Minimum of 8 GB Memory;
•    Browser: Google Chrome version 60.0 or higher (Recommended)

Mac Users should have:
•    Mac OS X or higher;
•    Minimum of 8 GB Memory;
•    Browser: Mozilla Firefox 50.0 or higher.

Computer Competency Requirements

Hawthorn University students are expected to:

  • Perform basic functions, including creating, saving, copying, and retrieving files
  • Be able to upload and download documents
  • Format documents
  • Perform basic word processing activities
  • Engage in basic Internet activities, including subject searches

Should students experience any difficulty in navigating the system or in their general use of the website, technical support is available through Hawthorn’s Help Desk system.