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Karen Kong

portrait of Karen Kong
Karen Kong, NC Graduate

Congratulations to Karen Kong for graduating from the Nutritional Consultant program with a Summa Cum Laude designation. Karen consistently achieved the honor of being on the President’s List throughout her program. Eight years ago she made a decision to take charge of her health and became vegan while researching holistic ways of having healthy skin, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. After supporting friends and relatives through varying health issues she made the decision to enter Hawthorn University to refine her education and help as many people as she could as well build a career by bettering people’s lives. Karen’s goal is to provide wellness protocols to help individuals with meal planning, budgets, and lifestyle planning to lead to improved health and wellness. In 2017 she launched Karen’s Health Bar with an active Facebook page and provides vegan juice and food deliveries in Port of Spain, Trinidad. All juices and salads are healthy and free of processed sugars and preservatives. All products are served in recyclable or reusable demonstrating and promoting environmental sustainability. She has also partnered with the Colibri Creative Center of Light in Santa Cruz, Trinidad to host Vegan Nutritional events on weekends. Keep up the good work, Karen!