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Jeff Hardy (NC Graduate 2021)

Congratulations to Jeff Hardy for graduating from the Nutrition Consultant certificate program with the Summa Cum Laude designation. Prior to entering Hawthorn, he was the owner/operator of Nitro Fitness and focused on helping out of shape middle aged men fit exercise into busy schedules. Through this experience along with his personal journey toward better nutrition, Jeff became interested in health coaching, ultimately becoming a certified health coach and personal trainer through The American Council on Exercise. He worked at Access Health, a non-profit community organization meeting with clients with varied health situations. He encouraged meeting health goals through effective coaching on positive lifestyle changes and weight management techniques with a strong emphasis on nutrition. Jeff is passionate about helping people find solutions they can live with including the goal of avoiding the need for a handful of pills. He has many success stories of clients who were able to lose significant amounts of weight and reduce their need for medication. Keep up the good work, Jeff!