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Ixiana Wilmot

Congratulations to Ixiana Wilmot for graduating from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program with the Summa Cum Laude distinction. Ixiana also holds a Master of Fine Arts from Pratt University, a bachelor’s degree in Public Communication from the University of Puerto Rico, and a Certificate in Health Coaching. Ixiana’s road to optimal health began shortly after becoming a mother. Facing depression and illness, it became clear that the first step did not need to be the hardest; it needed to be the smartest. The decision to take charge of her health led her to Hawthorn and to become an advocate for the empowerment of moms. Ixiana is the creator of Radiant Mami, a brand based on an integrative and educational approach to women’s wellness that focuses on the challenges of motherhood. Ixiana works with women one on one and in group settings. Changing women’s minds about the role they play in shaping their own lives and health is the backbone of her philosophy. Her thesis is entitled Vitality as it Relates to Energy, Mood and Skin Health in Mothers via HPA Axis Regulation. Best of luck, Ixiana!