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Hawthorn University Goals and Objectives

We’ve set our goals and objectives as a means of serving you (our students), our staff, and the world to the best of our ability.


• Provide high quality, comprehensive education that prepares students for careers in the field of holistic nutrition, health, and the health sciences
• Develop the knowledge and skills of students to achieve their educational, professional, and personal objectives
• Prepare students for higher educational levels in the United States and internationally
• Take collective responsibility for a student-centered approach
• Provide student support services
• Enhance communication and critical thinking skills of students
• Cultivate among students a routine critical analysis toward the review and research of scientific theories
• Maintain a current and industry-relevant curriculum
• Maintain a culture that supports verification of improved teaching and learning
• Provide an active, responsive, engaging, and challenging learning experience for geographically dispersed students
• Produce graduates that make a positive impact on their communities through leadership and service
• Limit attrition and encourage continued matriculation to achieve high graduation rates
• Encourage students to engage in life-long learning as scholar-practitioners
• Graduate ethical and responsible citizens with strong decision-making skills
•Encourage faculty development
•Become a school of choice in the area of holistic nutrition and wellness


• Maintain a current and industry-relevant curriculum including current scientific information
• Provide a stable and reliable online environment conducive to student learning that is available 365 days a year
• Provide research opportunities for students through online library resources
• Remain cognizant of the needs of distance learners through the systematic collection of survey data
• Recruit, hire, and retain faculty and staff that are highly qualified and dedicated to the mission and goals of the University
• Effectively manage fiscal and educational resources to remain affordable while maintaining excellence in educational delivery
• Remain committed to the mission and goals of the University by continuous assessment to ensure the quality, currency, and relevance of course materials
• Recognize and respond to problems and issues among student, faculty, or staff
• Evaluate and systematically assess student learning in each course via assignments and proctored environments
• Increase student awareness of the quantity, quality, and accuracy of existing and emerging research findings
• Improve graduation and completion rates by identifying and supporting at-risk students

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