Enrollment Options

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At Hawthorn, you have the option to commit to a program or take standalone holistic nutrition or continuing education courses

Flexible Enrollment Options Let You Decide What Type of Student You Want to Be

When it comes to enrolling at Hawthorn University, you have a few options as to what “type” of student you want to be. You can become a matriculated student, a non-matriculated student (who has the option to join a certificate or degree program), or simply take continuing education courses.

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Program Matriculation

If you wish to matriculate for a certificate or degree-granting program check our programs and follow the admissions process to apply.

You may choose to study one course at a time as you matriculate towards a degree. However, if you are able and have the time and dedication required, consider taking two or more courses simultaneously. We recommend that new students begin with taking the first course to evaluate the amount of time required to complete a course. Once you are confident with your ability to succeed, the option of taking two or more courses is available.

Non-Matriculating Students

If you want to “test the waters” and take a single course for personal enrichment or career advancement but do not want to complete an entire program, you are invited to apply as a non-matriculating student.

As a non-matriculating student, you fill out an application and are subject to the admissions requirements of your program of choice. For example, students who want a master’s level course must show proof of an earned bachelor’s degree by providing their official transcript. Additionally, a photo ID and a headshot for identification during conferences are required, as is an admissions interview.

Should a non-matriculating student decide to enroll in a program at a later date, an application fee will apply and additional documentation will be required.

Continuing Education

Lifelong learners can add to their resume by earning Continuing Education Units (CEU) and a Certificate of Completion. See our assortment of Continuing Education (CE) courses on specific topics pertaining to nutrition and health.

Open Enrollment or Scheduled Start

You may enroll with the following options:

  • Open Enrollment – When you select “Open Enrollment” you can begin classes as soon as all required documentation is received (prior to the next scheduled start date)
  • Scheduled Start – You may select the next scheduled group start listed on the Academic Calendar (start dates happen quarterly throughout the year)

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