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Caroline Aslanian

portrait of Caroline Aslanian
Caroline Aslanian, SFHN Graduate

Congratulations to Caroline Aslanian for completing the Scientific Foundations of Holistic Nutrition certificate program. Caroline also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge. She has been conscious of how food and nutrition plays an important role in people’s health. She has been backing her intuition with years of research and experiential traveling around the world studying different cultures and ancient wisdom. What is interesting is that in the process of helping others, like so many other busy moms, she stopped taking care of herself. It wasn’t until she healed her own son against sugar addiction that she realized she was battling the same condition. Surprisingly, she cleared her hypoglycemia condition that plagued her since her teens. Caroline often hears from moms who are incredibly busy and overwhelmed that it is impossible to eat healthfully all the time and do it in a way that is affordable, simple and practical. She wishes to inspire and empower other busy moms to make educated decisions about nutrition and health by offering realistic solutions. Through online courses and workshops, she is reaching beyond her community. It is her plan to return to Hawthorn to continue her education and receive her masters in Holistic Nutrition. Hawthorn looks forward to welcoming you back to your studies in the near future!