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Audrey Mortensen

portrait of Audrey Mortensen
Audrey Mortensen, MSHN Graduate

Congratulations to Audrey Mortensen for graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Audrey has a diverse education which includes music, body beautification and health therapies, business marketing and now, with the completion of her degree at Hawthorn, holistic nutrition. She has published about the effects on the body of certain food supplements as well as functional cosmetics. Presently, she is educating therapists for slimming and beauty in machine therapies, functional cosmetics, nutrition and health supplements. Her professional website is and retail website is Her thesis, Understanding Thinning Hair in Women: A Holistic Protocol to Support Hair Growth, adds evidence that supports her newly acquired knowledge. Keep up the good work, Audrey!​