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Angela Dugan (Vieux)

portrait of Angela Dugan (Vieux)
Angela Dugan (Vieux), MSHN Graduate

Congratulations to Angela Dugan (Vieux) for graduating from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program with the Summa Cum Laude designation. Angela has an undergraduate degree from East Central University in Speech Communication and has a background in developing education programs with an emphasis on nutrition and health. Angela has worked on developing programs for weight loss, diabetes, self-esteem, and overall health. She believes in the power of the body to heal itself and teaches classes on cooking traditional foods hoping to inspire people to reconnect with their kitchens and learn how to take their health into their own hands. Her thesis is entitled A Nutrient-Dense Diets Role in Preventing Childhood Chronic Illness Through Enhancing the Immune System During the Formative Years. Wishing you the best of luck as you continue to spread valuable information about health and wellness.