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AAA: Flora and Vine Wellness: Fertility, Prenatal, Pediatric Nutrition and Lactation Support with Angela Montoya (MSHN Graduate 2018)

Angela Montoya graduated from Hawthorn University with her MSHN in order to help women understand the importance of optimal nutrition before and during pregnancy, as well as during lactation and early childhood. While offering services for people who suffer from diabetes and autoimmune diseases, she pursues her passion for providing the best possible foundation for babies’ health by teaching women alternative forms of fertility enhancement, prenatal nutrition, and balancing hormones through nutrition and stress management to help with natural birth and lactation.

Angela Montoya joins us for her All About Alumni presentation Flora and Vine Wellness: Fertility, Prenatal, Pediatric Nutrition and Lactation Support.

In her presentation, Angela discusses why and how she got into her particular niche, as well as the challenges and successes she has found along the way.

Angela Montoya is the owner of Flora and Vine Wellness where she focuses on women’s health. Angela educates women on the use of nutrition for natural fertility and dealing with PCOS. She helps pregnant women understand the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle during pregnancy and while breastfeeding in order to set their children up to have the healthiest life possible. Angela is an endurance athlete with 4 children. With her personal experience and expertise, she hopes to improve the rate of success with breastfeeding and to dispel myths about lactation difficulties due simply to supply or exercise. She believes if we all understood just how much nutrition affects our hormones; we would more often pursue more natural methods of fertility and be healthier as a whole.

Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.