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AAA: Three Years to Build a Business: My Story and Process Two Years In with Amy White (MSHN Graduate 2016)

In formulating a career, passion is step one, education is step two, and building a business is step three. Yet the educational knowledge fueled by passion alone will not instantly form you a thriving business. Two years into her career, Hawthorn graduate Amy White joins us to share her story of learning the ins and outs of building her business’ infrastructure.

Hawthorn welcomes MSHN 2016 graduate Amy White for the All About Alumni presentation Three Years to Build a Business: My Story and Process Two Years In.

Amy discusses how she uses social media to grow her reach, how she defined an ideal client and niche, how to build an on-line group program, how to use Facebook ads to target the perfect client, how to shift mindset with focused intention, awareness and positive energy, and…how she continues her education; gaining additional certification and becoming Board Certified all while continuing to learn and grow not only her business but also herself!

Amy White is a board certified holistic nutritionist and functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner. She is a 2016 graduate of the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree program at Hawthorn University. Amy is an advocate and teacher of living a low-carb life. She helps women learn to use fat for fuel so they kick their sugar habit, increase their energy, lose weight and enjoy the fun and freedom that comes with age.

Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.