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AAA: Building a Platform to Expand Your Influence and Adapt in a Changing Environment with Erin Chamerlik, MS, MT (ASCP) (MHNE Graduate 2012)

You are now a graduate, or know that the moment is coming soon; what do you do now to get noticed? What if you have moved to a new area and are now dealing with “red state” holistic health practice restrictions? These are common and important questions, and Hawthorn alumni, Erin Chamerlik, will be lending her expertise to help answer them. Erin is a Hawthorn success story as she currently operates her own successful holistic business, Get Better Wellness.

Hawthorn University All About Alumni Graduate Webinar Series welcomes graduate Erin Chamerlik (MHNE 2012) for her presentation of Building a Platform to Expand Your Influence and Adapt in a Changing Environment.

Erin Chamerlik, MS, MT (ASCP) holds a Masters of Science Degree in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University. She earned her undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin and completed a Medical Technology internship at Rockford Memorial Hospital, working in the field of hematology and chemistry.

Erin is the founder of Get Better Wellness, Inc., a holistic nutrition education company in Nashville, TN. She is passionate about helping people Get Better through a systematic approach to healthy living involving nutrition, supplementation, essential oils and lifestyle choices.

Erin delivers nutrition education through individual and group classes, consultations and coaching. She specializes in community education, using a straight-talking humorous style to help people sort through the confusing messages regarding nutrition to reach their optimal health and wellness goals. Erin calls herself “The Real Food Revivalist” and uses many avenues to bring the Real Food message to people everywhere.

Her website, is a great resource for articles, success stories, class or coaching information. Additionally, Erin records a regular podcast to iTunes called the Erin Chamerlik Show.