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Diet, Hormonal Weight Gain and Fat Distribution with Traci D Mitchell, Health & Fitness Coach and Author

We understand that hormones play a role in weight gain. But how do hormones affect body-specific fat distribution, and more importantly, how does diet play a role in regulating these hormones to reduce unhealthy fat?

Hawthorn University Holistic Health and Nutrition Webinar Series welcomes Traci D Mitchell for Diet, Hormonal Weight Gain & Fat Distribution.

Traci D Mitchell is a 2015 graduate of Hawthorn University. Traci works with people all over the world, helping them improve their health by reaching a more optimal weight through individualized diet and fitness coaching. She’s also the author of the national best seller, The Belly Burn Plan (Harper Collins), a book that gets to the heart of hormonal weight gain and the need for individualized nutrition through the concept of eating right for your body type.

In this webinar Traci will discuss:

• Body Fat: What’s the Difference?
• Diet’s General Influence on Weight Gain / Weight Loss
• Distinctions in Body Type
• Menopause
• Hormones: The Big Players
• Balancing Diet to Promote Healthy Weight Loss / Fat Loss

Traci D Mitchell is the author of the nationally best selling book, The Belly Burn Plan (Harper Collins) and an expert in the fields of health and fitness. Traci has been a guest on The TODAY Show, Steve Harvey, Dr. Oz and has been featured in The Los Angeles Times,, Shape Magazine and local media outlets throughout her hometown of Chicago. A homebody at heart, if you want to find Traci, she’s likely in her home office taking Zoom calls with clients, working on a recipe in her kitchen or spending time with her husband and three kids.

Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.