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How to Transition from an Hourly Fee Based Practice to Offering Start to Finish Programs with Karin Rozell

Do you wish you knew how to put your own one-of-a-kind program together? Do you feel ready to organize all that you do with clients into one, signature program that makes you and your clients happy? Are you ready to break free of charging by-the-hour sessions and create a start-to-finish program?

If so, then you’ll love this webinar training!

Karin Rozell, author, small business coach and creator of the Happy Little Practice Method shows us how to create higher-end packages that give you ample time and space to create life-changing results (for you, your clients AND your family). Hawthorn University welcomes Karin and her presentation How to Transition from an Hourly Fee Based Practice to Offering Start to Finish Programs.

In this fantastic webinar, Karin will help us to:
•    Clarify the difference between charging by the hour, creating packages and offering a signature program;
•    Discover the benefits of offering a high-touch, high-quality 1:1 program and why you might want to add this to your services;
•    Identify what you’ll need in place to be able to move forward with a program;
•    Get clear on the common stumbling blocks and mental barriers to creating your own program, so you can swiftly move through them;
•    Understand the pros and cons of transitioning from hourly work to offering start-to-finish programs, and the mindset to navigate this gracefully;
•    Learn a good overview of how to put a program together, including a real-life example to ground what you learn;
•    Hear the common questions others have about creating a program and get your questions answered;
•    Explore the mindset that allows you to boldly move forward with creating your own program.

If you are brand new to creating programs, this class is guaranteed to stretch your brain into new places! If you are familiar with programs, you will find this training to be a powerful refresher on what’s working NOW for experts who help others for a living via consulting, coaching, and counseling.

Karin Rozell is the author of two small business books, a 17-year marketing consultant and creator of the Happy Little Practice Method. She specializes in working with family oriented practitioners, coaches and experts to simplify their message and marketing so that their tiny, but mighty business does what it needs to do: make a great income, make a difference, and make their family happy too. Learn more about Karin at, and

Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.